We are delighted to have worked with some of the biggest and

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best media companies throughout Ireland and Europe. Below is a selection of testimonials from a range of media clients


“Just a note to thank you for the fantastic service. The team did a brilliant job. Nothing was too much trouble and they were always happy, smiling and willing.It’s not easy dealing with an orchestra of over a hundred people but there were no complaints”
Deirdre Horlacher, Symphony Sessions - RTE
“We are very grateful to Claire for digging us out of trouble to-day and to-morrow in the International Unit. She is providing a brilliant service and I am deeply appreciative of her dedication”
“Thanks for your help in providing us with staff.  It was a great team who were so reliable and able to jump in and do what was needed, worked really hard and were a pleasure. They made Saturday mornings so much easier every week. A big thank you to you all”
Anna Egan, RTE
We have used the services of the Production People for more than five years and have always had cause to appreciate the high standard of their work. When experienced personnel were required, often at short notice – the Production People were able to provide us with options and ultimately individuals who exceeded our expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Production People to any company which is serious about getting the right people for the job.
Ciaran O' Hara, Asgard TV
From the very first day I meet with Louise and Deirdre in Production People they have guided me and help me stay on the career path that I wished to pursue. During my three years with Production People they were always supportive, encouraging and professional,without their direction I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Pamela Prendiville, Freelancer
Louise, Deirdre and her team are extremely helpful and nothing is too much trouble. I had never shot in Ireland before and they not only found me a great crew but also helped me on many other queries and questions I had. They made the whole process very smooth and I would not hesitate to use them again and recommend to others.
Hattie Masterson, Bare Films, London
I ventured into the tv industry 7 years ago now, and one of the first meetings I had was with Louise and Deirdre from Production People. Meeting two ladies so well-established in the industry who were willing to listen and offer guidance to someone so young and wide-eyed was invaluable. It is a professional relationship that I still value today. Production People offer something very special in a very small industry. Louise and Deirdre treat all of their clients with the greatest respect and confidentiality, and understand the nature of the business; when times are good they’re good, but we all have quiet periods, and it’s during these periods that the ladies work their magic! I think one of the most important positive aspects of the Production People-experience is the overall friendliness and understanding of the staff in their interactions with clients; you know that you’re dealing with someone who understands the highs and lows of working in tv and film, and who’s going to try to find you the best possible job they can. I also love that if I call seeking employment, I can have an informal chat with the ladies too about what I’d like to do next, or where I’d like to branch out to. Everytime I contact them it usually involves a catch-up across the board both in general and professionally; it’s nice to think that the ladies who met me when I was fresh-out-of-the-box in tv, still have time to have a chat on the phone, that they still remember me, and that they’re still doing their best for me like they were back in the day!
Sharon Ní Icí , Freelancer RTE
When I graduated from university in 2010, entering a job environment that was challenging to say the least, I heard on the grapevine that Production People was the best place to turn for those eager to pursue a career in television. After getting me on their books, Louise and the team quickly hooked me up with Runner positions within RTE, and offered me insightful advice on career development. I now work in my dream job at the BBC, researching on a whole range of Arts, History and Current Affairs programmes, but when people now starting out ask for preliminary advice, I still point them in the direction of Production People.
John O'Rourke, BBC