We are The Production People

Award winning staff, crew and recruitment specialists
For broadcast, media, audiovisual, events

National Recruitment Federation Recruitment Industry Award Winner 2017

The Production People specialise in the Highly-Exciting, Fast-Moving and Ever-Changing industry of Broadcasting/Media/Audio/Visual and Events. However, not only do we specialise in this area, we are THE SPECIALISTS within our field and unique within the Irish Recruitment Industry as a whole. We don’t make TV or Radio Programmes, Films, Branded Content, Commercials, Music/Entertainment or Audio/Visual Events BUT we supply the people with the exceptional and creative talent that do. In essence we are ‘The Creative Teams Behind the Scenes’ and we absolutely LOVE what we do.

It’s not our career it our PASSION!

Whether you need full crew hire, individuals with particular skills, or additional supplementary personnel, just give us a call or email a description of your requirements, and we will supply the staff or crew that meet both your production needs and your budget. We’re always on hand to deliver a personalised and unique service to all our clients whether you require part-time, casual, contract or permanent people.

Our work family

We believe passionately about hiring the right staff, especially our own. Our team are the ideal mix. Acknowledging and accepting each other’s unique talents and contributions we encourage everyone to play to their individual strengths and characteristics to achieve full potential. In that way we complement each other’s skills and personalities but work together in a cohesive close-knit family unit, focused on united goals.

LOUISE NOLAN – Co-Founder and Managing Director (THE MAMMY)

staffLouise, gardening and travel enthusiast, has been working in the Broadcasting and Media Industry for the past 30 years and has vast experience in TV/Commercial Production, Event Operations and Production Management. This, combined with the past 14 years’ recruitment expertise ensures an exceptional level of staffing and recruitment services to all our clients, no matter what the role.

Her expert knowledge and large industry network means she plays a central part in understanding the key areas of production, the experienced people in each area and the new or evolving trends within roles. Louise is a true ‘people person’ and her relaxed mode of interview extracts a vast scope of candidate information that far exceeds what is written on a CV. She believes that the best decisions put people first.

Just like all good Mammy’s, she holds everything together in our office on a day-to-day basis, fostering team-cohesion in a ‘lead by example’ way and is the master of ‘urgent requests’, placing or replacing people on-site within hours.


DEIRDRE RYAN – Co-Founder and Executive Director – (THE GODMOTHER)

staffDeirdre with an unquenchable love of learning, has over 20 years’ experience in Broadcasting, Media and Executive Management roles. Her expertise in Administration, Radio and the Operations / Technical side of production complements the skillset of other staff members to provide a well-rounded knowledge of the industry and the combination of staffing and skill elements that unite to make successful programming, content, commercials and events.

Deirdre is an experienced Vision Mixer, still playing an active ‘hands-on’ role in live entertainment, music and events. It is this in-depth knowledge of the industry, in conjunction with the recruitment and business skills acquired over the past decade that can assure The Production People understand the business and are confident in providing excellent service.

Taking the strategic position, Deirdre provides the team with a strong focus on objectives and overall company goals. With an analytical and factual approach, she offers creative and challenging propositions to the team while maintaining strong control on facts, figures and finances.



staffLauren, award-winning hockey player and complete sports fanatic, has worked on numerous assignments through The Production People with many of our clients, while on placement as a Production Assistant, Brand Ambassador and Social Media Coordinator. Having proven herself as a valued member of many teams, she joined us in-house to look after our growing client-base and foster relationships using a consultative, partnership approach, something that comes natural to her.

When not on the playing field, she keeps many balls in the air, maintaining close contact with both candidates and clients alike while always focused on the goal at hand. She is competitive and fearless (except for flying) and a solid backbone of our team, facing new challenges with optimism and energy and a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Lauren has responsibility for scheduling and booking of regular staffing requests and heads up our Brand Ambassador programme, sourcing, recruiting, training and supervising the team, while providing back-up administration and customer service support for all Production People clients.


BRIAN BENNETT – Casting Associate and Manager of Extras Ireland – (THE BROTHER)

staff‘Blessed is he among women’ or so we tell him! Brian is the sole male representative in the office. Looking after ‘Extras Ireland’, our sister company for Actors, Models and Extras on-set, his easy-going, calm, dependable and diplomatic attitude blends well amongst his colleagues who view him as loyal, dedicated and tactful.

Brian has been with us since the foundation of Extras Ireland and is now ‘The Foundation’ of Extras Ireland, having registered over 2,500 actors, models and extras of all shapes, sizes, looks and ethnicity while building up a loyal and continuously growing client base who return to him time and time again when casing for commercials, branded content, TV programmes and Film. His one-to-one, extremely personable approach means all casting requests are given personal attention and a single point of contact.

As an Actor, Scriptwriter, Voice-Over Artist and Casting Director himself, he understands the needs from both sides of the screen.

His motto is ‘ITS ALL ABOUT THE LOOK’ Call him on +353-1-6343112 or check out www.extrasireland.com for more details.

MARY WEST – Payroll and Administration – (THE AUNT)

staffAuntie Mary makes regular fortnightly visits to the office ensuring that the wonderful family of people who work through The Production People get paid accurately and on-time. Our very own Mrs. Doyle, she arrives with tea and biscuits, she makes sure the flowers are watered and catches up on the chit-chat before putting her precise and methodical numerical skills to the test. She checks, double checks and then checks again before pressing ‘SEND’.

Having spent a lifetime in payroll and accounts positions, she balanced her analytical side with a lifetime of providing a warm welcome and hospitality to the prominent guests and audiences of TV programmes such as The Late Late Show and Saturday Night with Miriam.

Her sincere, kind-hearted and friendly nature makes her a perfect fit for our work family.


Our work family: “All different but united by values”

“That's a wrap!”

Our goal at The Production People is to connect the Creative People to the Creative Industries and we have built up the Largest Community of Creative Talent in Ireland. We are not only specialists within our field, The Production People are unique within the Irish Recruitment Industry as a whole and renowned in reputation for being highly-focused, responsive, honest and professional. We care about our clients and candidates alike and want a perfect fit for both. With a small but extremely dedicated team, we punch well above our weight to compete with the biggest and the best, supplying Exceptional Service to our clients. Small but highly-responsive we continue to adapt and capitalise on opportunities within this ever advancing digital world while remaining true to our focus on PEOPLE. They are the beginning, middle and end of The Production People, the core of what we do!

Personal – Face to Face human contact with clients and candidates alike
Efficient – Fast turnaround on requests. ‘The Rapid Response Unit’
Operations – Effective systems and processes that provide proven results
Professional – in all our dealing
Leaders – in our field
Expert – advice always on hand

Companies We've Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.