Director of Photography,Sound Supervisor,Multi Camera Director,Sound Operator,Single Camera Director,Sound Assistant,DV Director,Sound Designer,Camera Operator,Sound Editor,Jib Operator,Location Sound,Steadicam Operator,Boom Operator,EFP / ENG Crew,Sound Assistant,Aerial Photography,Composer,Focus Puller,Foley Artist,Dolly / Grip,Post Production Supervisor,Cable Basher,Camera Assistant,Lighting Director,Data Wrangler,Lighting Assistant,Audio Visual Technician,Electrician Gaffer,Vision Mixer / Switcher,Broadcast Co-ordinator,Graphics Operator,Script Supervisor,EVS Operator,Broadcasting Assistant,Vision Control,Floor Manager,Broadcast Engineer,Stage Manager,1st AD/ 2nd AD,2D/3D Animation,Stage Hand,Modelmaker,Rigger,Production Teams / Creatives,Project Manager,Content Creators,Event Manager,Executive Producer,Production Manager,Line Producer,Production Co-ordinator

Joining The Production People

  1. Email your CV to us today. (Make sure its Word format, not PDF)
  2. When we receive it, we will arrange to meet with you in person to discuss your experience to date and your future career. We will also give you advice on the current state of the market and help you with your CV. There is NO charge or fees associated with joining The Production People.
  3. Having met you, we can include you on our unique database of personnel within the Irish Broadcasting, Media, Audio/Visual and Event industries.
  4. If you have what we need, we can then recommend you to our many clients for suitable assignments as they become available.
    Our service is completely confidential and your current employer need not know that you are thinking of moving. We never send your CV to any client without your prior consent

When I graduated from university in 2010, entering a job environment that was challenging to say the least, I heard on the grapevine that Production People was the best place to turn for those eager to pursue a career in television. After getting me on their books, Louise and the team quickly hooked me up with Runner positions within RTE, and offered me insightful advice on career development. I now work in my dream job at the BBC, researching on a whole range of Arts, History and Current Affairs programmes, but when people now starting out ask for preliminary advice, I still point them in the direction of Production People.

John O’Rourke, BBC

Our reputation depends on us selecting the best people for our clients and we believe ‘WE ARE OUR PEOPLE’. and work hard to foster a collaborative relationship with the people who work through us, so that they in turn will provide a loyal and dedicated service to our clients. We seek out highly motivated, eager New Recruits who we train up to meet our high standards, as well as Industry Veterans who have proven themselves in their chosen skill or profession.

We want our valued candidates to leave our offices having felt welcome, listened to, understood and secure in the knowledge that we will work hard on their behalf to find suitable work that is not only relevant and interesting but will also provide satisfaction, challenge and most importantly, personal growth. We get no greater sense of pride than watching people we have invested in, grow and excel in their chosen field. What is more interesting and special for us is the 360 approach we take …. that candidates of today will very often turn into clients of tomorrow.

For over a decade now, we have been consistently supplying freelance, temporary, casual and permanent staff to hundreds of Production Companies, Broadcasters, Media Corporations, Advertising, Event and Film companies to name just a few.

Call us today to arrange to meet with our team and let us know about your passion, skills and career goals.


  • Directors
  • Camera Operators
  • Sound Recordists
  • Production Managers
  • Floor Managers
  • Stage Managers
  • Sound Engineers
  • Production Co-ordinators
  • Researchers
  • Location Managers
  • Videographers
  • Production Assistants
  • Editors
  • Staging & Equipment Riggers
  • Runners
  • Broadcast Co-ordinators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Audio Visual Technicians
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Vision Mixers
  • Data Wranglers
  • Assistant Producers
  • Audience Co-ordinators
  • Location Sound Operators
  • Digitiser
  • Editors
  • EVS Operator
  • Event Project Managers
  • Extras Co-ordinators
  • Guest Bookers
  • Focus Pullers
  • Graphics Operators
  • Reporters
  • Journalists
  • Lighting Technicians
  • Make-up Artists
  • Post Production Co-ordinators
  • Production Accountants
  • Schedulers
  • Self-shooting Directors
  • Sports Sub-editors
  • Wardrobe Assistants

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